January 2013

Freely adapted from the autobiography by Elsa Schiaparelli “Shocking Life”
By invitation only

Drammaturgia Luca Ragagnin - Sonorizzazioni G.U.P. Alcaro

Elsa Shocking

The pièce is a stage adaptation of Elsa Schiaparelli’s autobiography. The monologue, read by Lella Costa, offers an insightful picture of the legendary couturier, enlightening the audience about her childhood and her noble Roman origins.  In an incessant flow of memories, the story of  this woman-genius unfolds and merges with the overview of an entire, unrepeatable period. The aim of this performance is to explain how fashion can be an artistic expression and, as such, provoke, anticipate or align itself with the artistic and intellectual trends of modern-day times.

Elsa Shocking è una produzione