ALEXANDRE BLANC Working with the volume of garments, I want to suggest a certain silhouette but mostly define a particular woman. I’m not interested in trends but prefer the idea of painting the portrait of a woman, season after season adding layers. She’s aristocratic, but also natural and slightly bohemian: she expresses that through a distinct mix of colors, prints: she’s inspired by Cocteau, Braque, Matisse and Bakst. She’s intellectual, confident in her knowledge of French culture. She assumes her boyish side: the shirt is a blank canvas onto which she can layer knits, jewellery, thus creating singular and spontaneous encounters. She’s confident in her sensuality, she likes suggesting her body. A large décolleté reveals the shoulders like ballerinas, the waist is cinched, a slit skirt reveals a collared underskirt, some lace, lingerie is suggested. She’s not afraid of showing her vulnerability and her freedom to wear clothes that express her true personality. The garments are structured, never constraining, they’re meant to be worn every day, and reveal the persona of the woman that wears them, without ever taking center stage and overshadowing her personality.