IINDACO | Altaroma



Two I’s in “IINDACO” to symbolise a concept forged from an exceptional friendship between two women. Two I’s that take after the number 11 – the month of November, when the two souls of the brand, Pamela Costantini and Domitilla Rapisardi were born. Two very different women, yet so attuned to one another. A contemporary idea in luxury footwear made in Italy that reflects a specific notion: Indigo – that particular shade of blue, that special moment where the evening is about to become night. The notorious “blue hour”, when shadows disappear as the sun sets. That singular moment – dusk – when women step out of their daily routines and into the night, into the city. Cocktails. Dinner. A party. IINDACO is the refined transition from daywear to the intriguing period where it is “almost night”. The spirit and uniqueness of IINDACO draws inspiration from the 1990s – years dominated by the sway from minimal to opulence, a decade marked by strong contrasts, a time of emancipation for women, the rise of the girl power concept, a period where women were no longer just silent presences, but strong and impassioned, poised to prosper in society, showing the world what they’re worth. IINDACO footwear is designed to meet the needs of three special times: 11 AM, dedicated to work; 5 PM: that transition from day to night where the evening is approaching; and MIDNIGHT, where the night explodes with seductive, irresistible charm.