Melip is an Italian brand producing high quality leather bags, born in 2019. Together with true authenticity, traditional craftsmanship and essential design, Melip is inspired by simplicity, sober style and natural beauty. Melip’s linear and bold style reflects architectural and design proportions, combined with smooth and comforting lines evoking female body shapes. Its functional design and its leather production methods celebrate the Italian craftsmanship. Our concept SOFT RIGOR embraces all these features that make our brand unique. Melip Bags are 100% designed and handcrafted in Italy, specifically in the Veneto Region, where a manufacturing and creative hub has been producing excellent Made in Italy leather for generations. The main purposes of our brand are to always guarantee high quality products and to keep innovating internal processes, in order to make production stages more and more sustainable and reduce environmental impact. The whole packaging consists of a special paper made from plant cellulose and recycled leather. Along this path, we also promote leather recycling to avoid waste.