Alessandra Cappiello is a fashion designer from Rome. She worked in collaboration with the Malloni brand as a Fashion Consulting Designer until 2004. In 2008, becoming a finalist in the IV edition of Who Is On Next? opened up the doors to participate in the Fashion Week of some of the major International capitals: Paris, Tokyo and Milan.

Inspired by her classical studies and by art, above all influenced by her painter grandmother, Anna Grauso, Alessandra perceives the garment as a perfect synthesis of wearability  and inspiration.

The designer also has in her resume celebrity collaborations with Madonna, Katia and Marielle Labeque and violinist Victoria Mullova.

Form embodies ideas. Dress is form embodying spirit : that is the base of Morfosis’ modus operandi.

The company name itself was chosen for the meaning of the word “morphosis”: relating to the idea of form as a synthesis and evolution of intuitions from instinct, sensations and established and re-elaborated facts.

The “vision” of the brand is also embodied in the logo, which is inspired by the Rorschach inkblots: metamorphosis, the common theme to all the collections, is an individual way to interpret a visual stimulus, but also to wear and contextualize a garment. The inclusion of floral elements adds a touch of femininity and distinction and above all refers to the preference given to natural raw materials.

The Morfosis woman believes in using her wardrobe as a form of personal expression and marks her place in the world through shapes and materials blending what is beautiful with cutting edge design and everyday life.

An hard work support this philosophy.

Alessandra and her team design and product a sophisticated complete pret-à-porter line marked by painstaking attention to details, exquisitely tailored garments and carefully crafted fine fabrics made entirely in Italian workshops, according to traditional sartorial methods.

Rigid lines softened by sinuous accents, the careful research of details and the shades of colour are the grounds on which the new FW2021 collection by Morfosis is based on. Precious fabrics and gentle shapes are intertwined to create high waisted pants and long dresses, while on the one side jacket and trousers suits and maxi coats move towards oversized male cuts, on the other stiffer profiles characterize blouses and pencil skirts instead.

The colour palette is dressed in bold shades of blue, black and rust, pink and fucsia. Soft cloth coats, the materiality of the leather, the bright lurex knitwear encapsulate all together a modern concept of scratching femininity.

From imperfections to contrasts, the brand Morfosis pursues and reaches its relative, sophisticated, incisive and vigorous essence by telling new paths that unfold in the forms of a feminine way of dressing that suits a contemporary woman seeking in the ordinary her sense of being extraordinary.