DANIELA PEREIRA was born in 1994. She graduated from the Fashion School of Porto in Fashion Design. In the first year he won the 1st prize of the Contest Tecido das Chitas. She completed his professional internship at Atelier Haid- er Ackermann in Antwerp. After the internship, Daniela was one of the finalists in the SANGUE NOVO Contest in MODALISBOA.
With a particular taste for Menswear, Daniela gives great value to the details, details and finishes of the pieces. It seeks to represent a different perspective of the male fashion sector, always maintaining quality and comfort. The themes of the collections are one of the most important parts for Daniela, wanting to create curiosity in the audience and make it interesting for what is behind the collection and that defends the same values of the story that she wears.

Spring Summer 2019 | Pina
PINA is a collection that represents the main dance / theater of the choreographer and dancer Pina Bausch. The dancer / choreographer was one of the most outstanding persons in the contemporary dance world, completely changing the way dance was seen in her time. Pina had a unique style.
In this season my main focus is the volumes and colors of the dance / theater that have marked me the most in her career. Orpheus and Eurydice, Muller Coffee, Carnations and The Spring Prize are the pieces that most influenced the collection. These are represented in my collection with volumes, colors and fabrics.

Joana Braga
Born in 1996, Joana Braga started studying Fashion Design at ESAD Matosinhos.
Beginning her career in fashion and being a part of the Bloom platform for the first time, the young designer already claims in her curriculum the 1st place in the contests Jovens Criadores PFN and I9 Jovem.
She also participated in Portugal Fashion’s March 2017 edition, as an ornamentalist at the Bloom fashion shows.

Spring Summer 2019
The freedom to do nothing, spend the days to postpone, skip commitments. Procrastinate.
Inspired by the language and mood of the 1967 film, Éric Rohmer's "La Collectionneuse", in a hot summer on the French coast. In a general summer mode, oversized, relaxed and flowing, overlapping pieces of tight knitwear, inspired by the bathing suits of the 60s. The contrast - graphically explored - of feeling pleasure in delaying and passing tasks, turns out to be a repentance and a sense of guilt.
Dropped shoulders, oversized and sloppy silhouettes, embody the idea of boredom, the long days of summer. Annoyance, which generates repetition of both acts and thoughts, and distraction - all details arouse interest.
The deconstruction of the pieces is a result of distraction and postponement of tasks and stages, where details of classics are decontextualized or divided.

Mara Flora
Mara Flora is a clothing brand based in Lisbon, created by its eponymous designer. Mara graduated from Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade de Lisboa in 2014. On March 2018 she was one of the winners of Bloom Portugal Fashion competition for young designers.
Mara Flora takes inspiration from real life and contemporary culture while pursuing an experimental, sustainable and, somehow, subversive attitude towards fashion. The intent is to convey new narratives through a wardrobe that combines avant-garde, workwear and streetwear.

Fall Winter 2018-19
It probably started with “The Pillow Book”, a movie rolling through the 90's Hong Kong, focused on characters with deep intellectual and emotional dimensions. Its cultural universe provides an intense and intoxicating visual profusion. While the past still echoes in traditional calligraphy, the present lights up in capitalist neons. Semiotics are convulsive. The paradoxes are allied: shortage and abundance, Feng Shui and chaos, vices and indulgences, East and West.

Maria Meira
Maria Meira completed her degree in Fashion Design at the Higher Institute of Art and Design (ESAD) in 2017. The same year, she took part in the Santa Maria da Feira Young Designers Competition.
On March 2018 she was one of the winners of Bloom Portugal Fashion competition for young designers.
The brand is starting to grow and it hasn´t an established or definitive profile yet.
It wants to be contemporary, alternative and adaptable, so it can please a young and fashionable audience.

Fall Winter 2018-19
The collection is minimalist, inspired by Shari Langen, an artist who transforms the human body in a performative and intuitive way, by doing experiences and using different and odd materials. Through is work the designer found the sculptor Lucy Glenndinning, who develops different aesthetic expressions, being her main focus the human body has a semiotic...
the mains concept of the collection is the feminine body. The designer chose to create light pieces, transparent, ethereal, that were capable to transmit purity, something between a naive and embarrassed way of being.

Nycole is a menswear fashion brand based in Oporto inspired by men's classic universe and sportswear’s details. Founded and designed by Tânia Nicole, during her academic training, she won the prize for best look at the 10th edition of AcrobActic and 1st place in the ACTE European Young Designers Competition, in Italy.
In March 2015, she presented her first Autumn/Winter collection on the Sangue Novo platform at Moda Lisboa. In 2016 she won the FASHIONCLASH award on the same platform, which led her to presenting the award-winning collection in Maastricht, the Netherlands.
Currently the collections are presented at Portugal Fashion.

Spring Summer 2019 | Whole Lotta Love
The starting point for the development of this collection was the 1970s. The collection is inspired by two different universes, the baseball team uniforms and the psychedelic rock band, Led Zepplin.The oversized silhouette is inspired by the universe of baseball. Overlays, stripes and shirts are some of the key garments of the collection.Led Zepplin's appearance influenced the colour palette and the materials of the collection. Warm colors and knits give us a vintage look that goes back to the 70's.