Caterina Moro

Caterina Moro is a Roman designer graduated in Musicology and Musical Heritage who entered the fashion industry in 2015 after getting a master degree in Haute Couture. The first demi-couture capsule collection was presented in 2017 at the Graduate Fashion Italia and it marked the debut of the new brand characterized by a sartorial research and an experimental approach as for fabrics and working techniques. Her unusual background is her strength since it allowed the designer to look at the fashion world with an innovative and experimental approach


Caterina Moro is a 2018-born women clothing brand completely Made in Italy, designed by the designer of the same name. The aesthetics of the past that has to be seen and interpreted with the new and present vision is the starting point for the creations of the collections designed by Caterina Moro. An accurate research of the materials, a sartorial nature of the products and an innovative approach to the working techniques are combined with a deep love for colours and a special care for details. These are the guidelines followed by the brand. Long and mini dresses characterized by soft and sinuous lines fit a dynamic woman and her daily activities, giving to the wearer a poetic allure without ignoring lightness and comfort.

The concept of “daily luxury” is the main inspiration for the new FW2021 Caterina Moro collection. This collection moves silently through the woods, inheriting texture from bark, crackle of leaves during autumn hike, chromatic shades of sky to decline them on long dress, shirt and trousers, long skirt with sophisticated mood. The “leaf plissè” applied to satin, denim and eco leather, decorated with fringing and embroidery, reminds of the shape of autumn leaves while all the prints made with Wastemark fabrics (leftover pieces of fabric tat are recycled instead of being thrown away) and sustainable colour paint make the collection sustainable, a goal that the designer was seeking since her beginning.

The softness of velvet and cachemire and the preciousness of silk and satin describe in a contemporary way a new idea of elegance and demi-couture.

Periwinkle is once again the main colour of the palette, along with neutral tones of white and beige and warm tones of mustard and brown. Caterina Moro collection marks once again a brave path toward a feminine, fine and elegant imagery, defining a new and personal concept of style.