Italo Marseglia

Italo Marseglia was born in 1990 in south of Italy. The designer started to define his own vision of fashion during his scientific and mathematic studies. Math, logic and culture become bases of his creativity. He moves to Rome to attend IED, and graduates in Fashion Design in 2012. Italo starts his career in haute couture, where he masters the art of tailoring, manual skills and commitment to perfection. Soon he felt the urge to began his personal path, renewing his prospectives and experiences by collaborating with Italian and foreign brands and many institutions. Since 2016 he deals with his namesake brand. Nowadays Italo Marseglia is sold worldwide from USA to Japan.


Italo Marseglia aims to revalue the Italian Know-how and its deep knowledge of craftsmanship. Our brand is young and dynamic so ready to approach new business challenges and foreign markets dealing wit his creative method. The accurate research and the meticulous study that lead Italo in the choice of materials-hanging in the balance between sartorial tradition and innovation, also allow the creation of “made to order” pieces. On the basis of the collection, buyers can decide to personalize pieces and accessories, choosing the fabric or the color to get a unique product.

The collections are developed after the necessity of having a well-developed and well-finished piece. For this reason, each creation needs an adequate tailoring, representing its unique commodity-related features. This led the designer to meticulously choose only Italian studios able to finish the sartorial details of every piece.

ZOOMANTIC is the Fall / winter 2020/2021 collection by Italo Marseglia. The designer represents this collection as if it were a safari in the warm memories of childhood, stopping at the playful passions of those carefree days. In particular, the story focuses on animals that are a passion of Marseglia. For the first time Marseglia proposes a version of the iconic patchwork also with digital sublimation printing on different supports: from eco-sustainable seaweed fabric, to natural fiber lace up to tulle. Italo imagines his heroines as * Elliot and * Jeanie in their first approaches to the animal world in the late 1800s and how difficult it must have been for them establish themselves in such a masculine and ostracizing world. Their memories of little girls come back to life in wide tulle skirts; in shirts with rounded collars and childish volumes; in the search for proportions that bring the mind back to childhood. But the determination of these figures that want to affirm themselves in a misogynist world is translated into the vision of Marseglia, which is almost an oxymoron: feminine exaggeration and masculine sartorial rigor!