To be a new launch pad for emerging designers and the engine room of Italian haute couture, Altaroma is synonymous with tradition and experimentation. From promoting Made-in-Italy to protecting the artisanal values that have made Rome famous throughout the world, Altaroma’s mission is targeted at maximizing all forms of excellence and experimentation. It is an international meeting point for sartorial tradition, research and cutting-edge techniques where art, fashion and culture merge. Thanks to the contribution of local institutions, Rome has established itself over the years as a natural incubator for young designers, offering infrastructure and services, research and inspiration associated with haute couture and the world of cinema, art and craftsmanship. A role that can develop even further with this new vision of Italy’s Fashion System, thanks to the commitment of the Institute for Foreign Commerce. Rome: fashion and cinema, research and archives, art and artisanship, plays a unique role within Italy’s fashion system.