At 0770, we believe in sensuality and sophistication; refined and luxurious materials create one-of-a-kind accessories. Made of Italian leather and produced with ancient process of vegetable tanning, each of our pieces is handmade in our laboratory combining laser cutting technology with a classic hand-stitching method. 0770 is a high-end brand that consists in womenswear and leather accessories. The focal point is the female body. Elegant and sexy, loud and proud, sensuality is impetuous and vivid, bossy and riotous: it’s pure rock. The wearer of 0770 is cloaked in a declaration of freedom. It’s a journey that starts from the outskirts of Naples, southern Italy, between creativity, arts, crafts and contemporary technology. The two deisgners behind the brand are Enzo Pirozzi, (designer) and Irene De Caprio (photographer) and they come from different backgrounds and various studies. Their collaboration expands beyond the brand: the duo has worked together for over 10 years, and collaborated with other artists ranging between theater, cinema, music and solo exhibitions in art galleries.

This idea of a woman as ambiguous figure, so beautiful and beneficent as well as terrible and deceiver, is the idea of the ss 2020 collection. The woman is not close to a nationalist ideal and feminine perfection is not a pure woman, chaste and modest, but becomes an ambiguous figure, which is also often bad; a “femme fatale”, conscious of her sexuality and the effect she has on men. 0770 creates erotism mixed with a love that is so deep, that many do not get the privilege of experiencing such a high experience. It is through the self-awareness that she is a prowess of seduction and with that wholeness is achieved. The 0770 woman this season is erotic, sensual, transgressive, unconventional and strong. An all-black color palette in matte and gloss with flashes of deep red, makes way for a dark tale. Accessories are mainly light in weight. Metallic elements such as chains and various types of studs and circular perforations to reveal what’s behind. Handbags also make their way in several variations that are functional for day-to-night use. Two new clutches are also shown, and are appropriate for a night out or any formal event.