The brand Adelaide C. was born in 2014 with the idea of sharing the personal vision of ethically correct and cruelty free fashion, through the eyes of Sardinian designer Adelaide Carta. A new concept of trend based on a green and eco friendly philosophy: Italian made, vegan fabrics, accompanied by crafted, printed and painted cork, which recall its essential origins, who are guide and inspiration of every project.


The SS19 collection is developed on basic contrast colors that come up beside prints on natural cork depicting the reworking and reinterpretation of Sardinian embroideries, once made on tapestry rugs and fabrics of various types belonging to the Sardinian tradition. The primary intent is to revisit in a modern key the craftsmanship of women of the past, through the traditional prints that give prominence to typical spinning portraits and the great art of the frame that has always characterized the island. The inspiration of each print is reworked reproducing lines and contents, giving life to new figures and new designs. The special line is flanked by three other basic lines that are enriched with colored cork inserts, combined with faux leather and faux suede Made in Italy.