Adelaide C. was founded in 2014 by the personal vision of the designer Adelaide Cartan of an ethical and free fashion. A new concept of eco-sustainable trend, starting from a past of great traditions: true made in Italy, vegetal materials accompanied by printed, dyed and particularly worked corks, which drive the inspiration of the AC project. through completely natural and recycled materials, the brand’s path is directed towards 100% eco-sustainable collections.

The new collection presents a new model, La dada bag, inspired by the aesthetic and founding values of Dadaism: denial of all rational values and exaltation of the instinctive, elementary, childish, free and arbitrary ones of the individual. The Dada line is produced in a maxi and a mini model. They are both characterized by the geometric shapes of cork, wood and vegan suede, which are found on vegan nabuck or on pinatex derived from pineapple. The collection is completed with the essential line that reproposes the classic models in black, made with fully recycled tassels from the pet, of Italian production.