ADRIANHATS establishes itself as a brand with urban chic aesthetics with its identity pointing to the trends of the metropolitan city, with its many cultural and artistic influences. Man and woman are the protagonists of the brand’s mission: to make the hat an indispensable accessory in its use and in the characterization of one’s personality in every day life. Easy to wear. Veronica Adriani gave life to the brand after years of dedication to photography in South America, Asia and the United States, following her university studies in cinematography in Rome. In 2015 she decided to resume the company founded by her grandfather Ugo Adriani in the late 60s in Rome, a new brand for the new generation. The name is inspired by the exclusive hat model «Adrian», icon of the family company.

“Nothing is random, you have to get lost to find yourself.” This was the message of Bertolucci’s beautiful movie “Tea in the Desert“. Sometimes we find ourselves by chance, in places that surprise and fascinate us. Such was our trip to Morocco. Details of such journeys always linger. Repeated decorations remind us of places we have already visited, familiar yet foreign. Elegant and faceted, distant in their nomadic ways. We, travellers of lands and countries, looking for crossroads that connect us with each other. The Adrianhats SS 2020 Collection – embodies this Morocco without forgetting the effortlessness and comfort that is synonymous with our hats.