ALESSANDRA GIANNETTI graduates in Rome, then moves to London and Tokyo where she develops her unique style, combining traditional and metropolitan contemporary culture.
In 2008, joint with Architect and Photographer Fabio Gasparri, launched ALESSANDRA GIANNETTI, a brand which throws in together fashion and art, locating his flagship-store in the very historical centre of Rome.
ALESSANDRA GIANNETTI’s style captures the intangible atmosphere of contemporary sensibility.
Her garments fit a woman that eludes all definitions, morphing into different shapes and mixing an essential design with the classic elegance of italian fabric.
The geometrics of the cuts define original volumes and shapes which can be either precise and sculptural or soft and enveloping.

ALESSANDRA GIANNETTI is an independent brand entirely designed in rome and produced in italy from the best raw materials and attention to wearability Limited by choice, numbered and signed to promote quality. Essential items for an authetic and individual style featuring the ultimate research and use of natural fibers, with an eye to sustainability.
materials and colors: cotton, plain and reinforced, texturized laminated linens, viscose gauze, soft knitwear in white camel black and coral. authentic kimono inserts for unique items. the sculptural quality of the noble raw materials, impeccable finishing and an understated taste for an individual, independent wardrobe.
As in OPERA, the eco-sponge capsule from bamboo fiber, anallergycal and ultra-performing ALESSANDRA GIANNETTI’s signature is respectful of the body and environment. Independent, essential and able to dress the change it comes from and East-meets-West research and influence.