Art and experimentation The first as modernist emphasis, the second consciously focused on the Italian tradition of savoir faire. The brands celebrates the geometric lines and volumes inspired by creations of architects and designers.
Graphic cuts and an artistic mood reveal the creative and avant-garde personality of the designer, the will to build, carve, erect as an architect of shoes. Modern creations, sometimes futuristic , icons of an era in constant development and change. As the Greek Muse bearers of Art and Beauty, the shoes reveal the desire to offer not only a fashionable accessory in line with the latest accessory trends, but shaping a new fashion, taking advantage from research and study in order to add them to inventive, creative impulse and aesthetic sensibility. Devoting to woman a product that is a true object of desire.
A magical city that conquers and seduces you. Mysteriously Arabic and refined French. Marrakech and Morocco make special this new summer collection. Colors, fabrics and the combination between different geometric shapes that draw textures, reflect the attention to detail in each model and enhance the particularity and distinctive character.
Innovative accessories inspired by the ancient Moroccan traditions and the sculptural and architectural brand design create a new dynamism. Emerge again the desire of the designer to experiment and create new and special objects.
A collection that finds the greatest harmony between art, design and original and personal art in every woman’s dream of wearing a unique, personal accessory.