Apnoea is a womenswear brand based in italy with a multidisciplinary approach to fashion. Presented in Milan during the White, then selected for several shows like A.I. Artisanal Intelligence, Fashion Hub Market, Showcase and counted among the young talented brands by Vogue Talent, Apnoea wants to celebrate the Made in Italy, the high quality, the research and a refined design. The collections are the result of an aesthetic research that ranges from art, architecture, and streetwear, and aim to create new aesthetic and formal visions in the Italian and international scene. The vision is of an avantgarde fashion. The inspiration comes from the continuous search for new motivation and new perceptions.

Hyper Fragile – Spring/Summer2020 is born as an imaginary circle, an air bubble, a space of protection that we put between us and the world. But it is also a crystal bubble, extremely fragile and can happen to break. The collection is based on this fracture, on fragments, on cracks, on wounds. What is a wound if not a gash, a tear, an interruption, a break. And what do you do with a wound? You can leave it open, bleeding and risk becoming infected and also affecting the rest, or you can “embrace the damage” and as in Kintsugi it can be enhanced and enhanced, so that it no longer represents an end but a suggestive parallel. Garments that feature cuts, gashes held together by laces and stitching that a mend and embroidered up to transform garments with coulisse that draw ripples and sometimes functional, sometimes decorative curves. The fabrics are cotton and plastic, gabardine, cotton poplin, but also technical fabrics and coated cottons. The laces borrowed from the sports world transform and change the garments each time in a different way