aroma30 is an artisanal brand producing unique items and limited editions garments according to a seasonless concept, mixing new capsule collections with the brand ongoing items. Any piece is made upon request for the final customer and can be ordered online or by setting an appointment at the studio. Unique collections can also be designed for physical stores and developed as co-labs. Each garment is ethically made by local manufacturers using natural or upcycled fabrics, according to a “no waste” philosophy and materials are sourced selecting companies with an enviroment-friendly mindset.

Michela Fasanella, designer and founder of the brand, moved her first steps collaborating with Valentino and Salvatore Ferragamo after studying at Accademia di Costume e Moda in Rome and at St. Martins College in London. While developing her brand, she also works as lecturer at Accademia di Costume e Moda and as a freelance designer.

The style of the items is focused on the fabrics labour process and on sustainability: upcycled materials hand-dyed with artisanal traditional techniques of soya milk mordanting and colors extracted from leaves, woods and spices. The colors made with natural dyeing are usually unique, so the item is one of a kind. The new items will be shown together with the ongoing items of the brand, according to a philosophy that avoids seasonal collections and mass production for embracing a “slow” attitude on garments making while delivering a service upon request.