Arte Facta is luxury thought between discretion and refinement with the exclusivity of the Made in Italy. The essential lines and the versatile spirit express the timeless design of the brand. Arte Facta is the pride of Made in Italy and wisdom of master craftsmen who have handed down the typical Italian know-how from father to son, is search for unique materials and professionalism, with the utmost attention from an ecological and social point of view. We take a responsible approach to sourcing all our materials to ensure that the highest standards are met regarding sustainability and the impact on the environment. Furthermore, our processing techniques of full brass, allow us to make sure that nothing goes wasted: everything coming from processing scrap is remade to create new jewels. We aspire to a positive lifestyle, sharing art, photography and supporting creative projects that are close to our way of thinking. We believe that fashion is freedom of expression, honesty and communication of positive values. With Arte Facta want to propose our story, a story that speaks not only about our creativity but also of the work of all the people who collaborate with our company. Ethics is an integral part of our aesthetics.

Arte Facta lets its new collection be inspired by ancient wisdom, taking the creativity focus to ancestral dimensions, though constantly present in the collective subconscious. Green light then, to semi-precious hard stones to further enhance the exclusive design; pyrite, red jasper, hematite, amazonite and nacre play a beneficial protection role towards the wearer, thanks to their intrinsic and alchemical value. The sustainability of this collection is guaranteed by the fact that we use the whole stone, without choosing it, therefore we glorify the beauty and the diversity of nature in all its aspects and expressions.