Blasted Skin is an Italian brand of unconventional fashion accessories. It produces women’s harnesses with a double purpose: to be worn over clothes as accessories or as lingerie; but also belts, chokers and cuffs in a geometric style.

The raw material is strictly Made in Italy. Vegetable-tanned leather without any toxic substances, in order to reduce the environmental impact and guarantee a sustainable production cycle. The first Blasted Skin collection is brought to life by the dedication of the designer, Federica Sivieri. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, Federica took her first steps in a cine-theatrical studio in Rome before specializing in fashion design in Paris and in London at the Central Saint Martins. She then worked for Haute Couture brands in Paris, where she refined her attention to detail and luxury items. Once she came back to Rome, the designer decided to celebrate her love for the Italian leather goods tradition through her first accessories collection, where the sensual aspect embraces a respect for the environment. Because sustainability today can and must be sexy!


The first Blasted Skin’s accessories collection is the fall/winter season 2019/2020. A range of women’s harnesses with a dual purpose: to be worn over a dress to complete an outfit, or peeping out from a low neckline as lingerie. The collection includes belts, chokers and cuffs, all in black. The absence of color represents an absence of light and a symbol of darkness, which describes the collection’s mood. The black is structured in multiple textures. The cut-outs details give the leather a delicate appearance, almost like lace, while maintaining all its shine and strength. Blasted Skin’s influences are drawn from a subconscious intercultural heritage that embraces pagan and religious art, geometry as well as archetypes of desire, exploring our secret bond with chaos.