Camera Creativa was born out of the idea of creating accessories with recycled materials, following the philosophy of ecosustainability. The use of Rubber as a raw material is chosen for its skin-like texture, being both light and soft and pleasing to the eye. The versatility of the black color gives the accessory a slight air of Victorian melancholy. The inner tubes become like fabric in a workshop of “Haute Couture” since every single item is drawn and cut by hand. Every piece is then sewn, painted and finished with details of tailoring care in each processing step, so as to convey the pleasure and characteristic of “truly handmade” that makes each product unique and unrepeatable increasing its intrinsic value.

The manipulation of the material leads me to follow always new paths. The inner tube, always undisputed protagonist of my accessories, lets itself be forged like soft leather. From the fascinating shape of the spheres three-dimensional figures are born that together with the use of swarovski and waxed thread create light and funny necklaces, earrings and bracelets. The new shapes are combined with the previous accessories inspired by the elements of the sea, sinuous weaves and fluid knots evoke the shapes of sea sponges for an exclusive collection. Materials recovered from industrial waste are reinterpreted in new forms that transform them into jewels to be worn with any outfit. Result: a strong, evocative and passionate style.