CARDILLO_design is an Italian brand of contemporary jewels that carry a strong symbolic value. All the creations are the result of a careful formal and material research, in which the right balance between volumes, colors, and materials denotes, without losing their wearability, a fundamental characteristic in this creative process. The research and use of alternative materials different from those commonly used in the making of jewels characterizes CARDILLO_design creations, made entirely handmade, emphasizing the importance of artisanal production, of the unique piece and of the “never the same”.

The “MASAI light” collection reflects the charm of the Masai women’s collars, exaggerating their formal and chromatic minimalism, and it’s characterized by collars and bracelets made of black shiny tubular PVC enriched with inserts in 100% calf leather Made in Italy. The collection has a minimal and essential design for a woman with a vaguely ethnic-chic soul that loves accessories with exuberant and sustained volumes while maintaining elegance and formal lightness.