Caterina Moro is a Rome-based designer with a Bachelor’s degree in Musicology and music Heritage and a Master degree in Haute Couture. She started her fashion career in 2015 and her first demi-couture capsule collection was presented in 2017 during the Italian Fashion Graduate, marking the debut of the brand. Her pieces are characterized by a refined tailoring research and an experimental approach to fabrics and techniques.

Caterina Moro takes inspiration from her childhood memories for her SS20 Collection. A mountain house, the blue sky, and the art of papercutting with her mum to create dolls. A simple and humble element like paper can become something else through imagination. Giving different shapes to paper and starting from experimental processes, she creates paper dresses to bring an intimate, refined, and personal mood. The periwinkle blue is confirmed as the chromatic focus of the palette along with natural shades such as white and beige, while the plissé is enriched with an even more detailed working process – using materials such as denim, leather, fake-leather and cotton. Caterina Moro is not couture and it is not industry: it is a personal space between the two concepts, an independent and privileged vision of feminine dress.