Tommaso Cecchi de’ Rossi is a modern engineer heading deeper and deeper into a universe discovered one day without intention. More than just a nostalgic tribute to the sensual manual work of craftsmanship, his work is a fascination for contemporary alchemy and a natural transformation process, conducting pure materials into bags and Accessories.

As Mother Nature continues to evolve over time, CECCHI DE ROSSI endures to cultivate its savoir-faire, seeking technical developments whilst transmitting tradition and applying inherited knowledge to contemporary times – with restlessness and devotion.


Leather Vegetable Tanning – Bags and Accessories – A tribute to nature

Staying true to our heritage, all CECCHI DE ROSSI bags and accessories are produced by hand in Italy.

The transformation of materials into products of the most impeccable quality is characterized by curated design and unique natural “pellevino” dyeing and modelling techniques.

We offer a personal made-to-measure service for all collection pieces. Our creations will become not only part of your life, but of those of generations to come.

Hence, each item is developed as a unique and significant product.

We listen to your story, we tell you more.