Sabrina Clementi is an interior architect with a passion for tissues. She graduated in January 2009 in Interiors and Interior Architecture at the faculty of Architecture “Valle Giulia” in Rome, with a thesis about the Design of a Museum of the Fabrics. Clementi conceived a story told through the fashion world in the different centuries, where the dresses where able to evocate tales, building up a cartography made of tissues, colors and styles. In the same year, after passing the qualifying examination for the profession of Architect, she enrolled in the Order of Architects of Rome and Province. Her passion for the textile surfaces, the materials and the design, pushed her in specializing in this filed, graduating in Product Design at the Faculty of Architecture. Clemsa is a patent born from an original idea for the degree thesis in Product Design by Sabrina Clementi and it is made of three souls: fashion, art and interior design. Create a wearable upholstery. To build up this project, Sabrina Clementi studied and compared different geographic cultures, their way of create objects and their figurative languages, finding out that there is a very similar way of expression in the textile artifacts made in different places and in different times (material cultures).

The new collection comes from a continuous experimentation on new volumes and details that are inspired by the nature and the shape of weave, soul and essence of Clemsa. The details embellish and emphasize style, uniqueness and recognisability of the brand even more and make the accessory more versatile and suited to a refined, determined and metropolitan woman. The great craftsmanship, the research and the careful choice of the leather give life to precious and contemporary shapes with a strong Made in Italy character.