C o o l t is a bags and accessories brand designed and made in Italy; it was born on Avril 2016 from two creative minds sisters’ born of Abruzzo, Eleonora and Eugenia D’Ambrosio De Domincis.The starting point of the brand is a praise of contradiction, starting with the name which links words apparently in gap – cool e cult – stirring them in such a perfect harmony, with all the Made in Italy signs. C o o l t represents and encompasses a way of being, to combine iconic shapes style with influences from travelling abroad and different cultures. Through the flow of turning feeling, the core idea of C o o l t is to create objects embodying “perception of beauty” not affected by time. People who choose C o o l t are instinctively attracted by our search for timeless creations. C o o l t is made by inspirations: from the term “gypset” coined by Julia Chaplin, a journalist, and the amazing sociological David Brooks’s work, which created “bobo” concept. That means that the new generation style mixes the Bourgeois capitalistic challenge with a Bohemian vision of life. One of the enlightenment for the brand comes from the nomadic Hindi Zahra’s music, such a charming melody with gypsy accents. Her multicultural influences is a source of inspiration beside the neo-Bohemian Natalie Bergman’s music, from Wild Belle band.


The 2019 Coolt Spring Summer collection combines classic iconic forms with inspiration and influences from faraway places and different cultures. Exotic is the unique signature of the brand, elevating the bag from a mere accessory to a must have feminine object of desire. Hand made threaded tassels using an ancient Aztec weave create a strong bohemian effect.. The distinct exotic leathers and their alternating colors in tones of cobalt blue, terracotta, blue provence and dark green.create Colonial nuances. Coolt wishes to celebrate the modern Nomad through their timeless pieces and use of contrasting materials.