While on holiday in the summer of 2012, Marco Lanero, founder of Delirious, roamed the streets of Cadore looking for a small atelier where he could have a pair of customized sunglasses. Delirious is a brand that strives to set itself apart from the rest of the eyewear industry. It wants to accomplish this in every aspect: design, material, and manufacturing. Our ultimate goal is to create a one-of-a-kind undertaking through one-of-a-kind products. Delirious wants to revolutionize mainstream fashion statements and dreams of a world in which the importance of a label is done away with forever, a world where refined craftsmanship and the finest materials combine perfectly with the purity of form. Delirious uses a wide variety of materials to produce its sunglasses, from natural-based acetate to more refined materials such as Indian water buffalo horn, Japanese titanium and Beta-titanium. We have conducted long studies of the usage, manufacture, and durability of materials before selecting them. These qualities are the foundation of our production.

Buffalo horn collections: the materials are inspired by the first sunglasses invented 2,000 years ago by Eskimo hunters, who needed to protect their eyes from sunlight reflection during the hunting. Titanium collections: composed by Pure and Japanese beta-titanium frames, these sunglasses have 14 manual weldings manufactured with no oxygen. We take our inspiration by minimal arts with simple lines and minimalistic shapes.