DeRosis is the brand of Ida De Rosis, architect and designer.

She produces a blend of art and fashion, with the utmost care and with the best materials, where the concept of luxury is linked to the quality, originality and artistic content and not to the appeal of a brand.

The ideal customer of DeRosis is a woman who wants fashionable style and accessories, but who does not need to flaunt a brand that, on the contrary, she avoids to, and chooses to wear an object of “fashion art” to emphasize her good taste. This is her philosophy: to create objects of “art-fashion” that last for a long time and are loved by their owners.

Ida’s bags were on display in Milan White 2013, Houston ExhibitItalia 2014, Shanghai Artigianato Italiano 2014, Rome Room Service Alta Roma 2015; she also exhibited at the Corsetti showroom in Houston and the FTL Moda New York showroom.

She was selected by a group of Chinese investors, among the top 100 out of 5,000 designers identified throughout Europe.


Every year DeRosis releases a new bag, conceived out of time or seasonality, and it will become an evergreen. Each model has a name of a woman, to whom it is dedicated. The 2019 model is Rossana and, as always, it is declined in different colour combinations, according to the inspiration deriving from the artists, from whom the designer takes her inspiration.