There is a girl that loves to draw. She is inspired by her roots, by the patterns of the floors of Pompeii and the Neapolitan playing cards. She transfers her sketches on Mac, edits them to combine tradition and innovation. Her heart brings her to Sardinia where the motif of the Sardinian tapestry fires her creativity. With time an idea takes shape: her sketches become beautiful silk scarves with sophisticated design and patterns. The precious silk becomes the canvas and serves as the background to her drawings, closing her eyes she dreams of the day she will wear them. She composes, deconstruct, tweaks but she is never satisfied: still something isn’t right, surely the piece can be refined. Years pass and these creations remain locked in the secret chest of the unfulfilled dreams. These dreams seem to be buried in the memory but one evening she decides to show them to a friend. With her help, finally so much beauty is able to shine and give birth to the project Essere. Essere is a concept founded on the principles of the ‘Made In Italy’, it draws on the foundations of tradition to reinterpret it, elevate it, at times breaking its boundaries. It is not by chance that we chose as our identifying symbol the ‘Ex Voto’ (the heart as the engine of life, a symbol of strong emotions such as love, loyalty and gratitude). It represents our commitment our promise to enhance and elevate the value of the brand: Made in Italy, Tradition and innovation, quality, research, originality and style. Tradition & Innovation The design of the collection of the brand Essere draws inspiration from Italian tradition: the playing cards (from Naples, Treviso, Trieste and Bologna), the geometrical designs of the original flooring of the houses in Pompeii and the Sardinia Tapestry. All that in Italy is History, art, culture and tradition becomes source of inspiration. Revised, constructed and deconstructed under a new vision.