Flow-ers is a brand born in 2014 from a Michela Guatto’s idea, result of many years of research and work in fashion accessories’ design. The production is almost entirely made with textile materials and its intention is to revisit and reimagine traditional jewelry characteristics. The shapes play with repetitions of geometrical modules: from smooth outlines, to the tridimentional profiles of gemstones, up to organic and more essential shapes. The fabric has a central role in each project and its qualities are studied and enhanced to design unique shapes. Solid structures apparently in contrast with light materials characterize the collections, each one handcrafted in Italy and in limited edition, in order to take care of all production’s details.

The new collection follows up with the research and and investigation on textile properties, exploring the processing to enhance the versatility: the result is an accurate design of the details, handcrafted, step by step. A slow and detailed production allows to bring out all the qualities of the material. The collections presented show different styles: as dynamic and colorful with Gemstone Collection, as retrò with Belle Epoque Collection, that looks at the traditional jewelry processes. The shapes, both essential and harmonic, adapt to the body’s silhouette, becoming part of the dress or outfit.