FSTD is a 100% Made in Italy label born in 2017, and it presented its first collection AFTERAMORE last winter. Behind our vision of the fashion world there is a simple idea: everyone should wear and afford whatever they want. Fusing innovation and urban creativity, we try to offer products 100% handmade in Italy at a competitive price. I’m Jacopo Fiorentino, the creative director and founder of FSTD. After my archeology and art studies i got closer to the fashion world while i was living in Bruxelles. From there i had the opportunity to travel a lot and I experienced different cultures. Once back i decided to found FSTD, fusing innovation and italian tailoring with the street culture.

ITALIANA collection aspire to be a real throwback into the italian summer atmosphere: in fact shapes, colours and materials remember italian summers that everyone experienced in their childhood. Tailoring and precise cuts are softened by graphic tees which are a tribute to important peronalities of the musical and cinematographic italian environment. Pure industrial style shaped accessories, in the end, help to soften the outfits and add that street touch to characterize the brand FSTD.