Gaetano Pollice

“My bags are women who lived in faraway times and still have all the mystery of a “hand-made” tradition.
They don’t embarrass themselves in walking through the streets of a present that is already future”. This is the philosophy behind Gaetano Pollice bags, small chests inspired by the ancient art of “Tombolo”, a special embroidery technique widespread in Molise since the early ‘500. Graduated in Communication, studied fashion at Istituto Secoli in Milan, today, as well as the Art Director of its brand, is a Designer and Product Developer Consultant for different fashion brands, and fashion professor at Istituto Secoli in Milan.
WHAT IT IS, IS BEAUTIFUL is the new FW 18-19 collection born in our Made in Molise Factory. If you try to open our bags,
this time they will talk to you about saltiness, endless oceans, big and small starfish, that the Halfmoon illuminate with their silver and golden light.
Water is life. Water gives life. And you can find beauty everywhere.
Just look further. The Tombolo Bags know this well: whoever you are, wherever you are, everything you can do with passion.
All that will be, it will still be beautiful.