Gaetano Pollice

“Molise has noble traditions in the art of craftsmanship,the one of Isernia particularly shinesit welcomes its visitors with “the timid voice of its countless fuselli”

The tombolo embroideries of Isernia are famous all over the world because are crafted with a special thin ivory thread, made locally, which gives a unique elegance to the final artwork.
Still today, walking through the streets of the old town you can hear the distinctive clinking of the fuselli masterfully handled by the women of Isernia.

THE RIBBON COLLECTION is the new FW 19-20 collection, born in our
Made in Molise Factory.
“If I were a staple, I’d tie myself to you. I would slide gracefully on your hair, And I would melt happy, Sure the knot from my heart It would pass to yours “