The Gaia Italian Handmade Jewellery brand was founded in 2013 and aims at craftsmanship and made in Italy. The creations of the brand point to a uniqueness to bring out the personality of the end customer, and as a purpose has the convertibility. A jewel as unique has at least the possibility of being worn in different ways, a broche is reinvented in pendant, in bracelet , example “Sillage” collection, a choker can be interchanged with another, example “Duality” collection. All jewels are handmade in precious metals such as gold, silver and bronze with the use of precious and semiprecious natural stones.The design mood is reminiscent of the antique jewel revisited with elements and fashion of our days. Jewels with a contemporary and conceptual style.
Behind each creation there is an idea the desire to transmit emotions, inspiration and the object to choose something unique.

The 2019 spring / summer collection “Equilibrio versus Follia” was conceived with jewels made of rhodium-plated silver and wet in yellow gold with semiprecious stones. Jewels are handmade with the lost wax technique and banquet workmanship, with a conceptual and contemporary style narrating an idea. The right dose of the two ingredients balance and madness makes it possible to bravely face what life offers us and this I represent in the collection with a guide element made of silver that leads us to a pre-established trajectory and with colored semiprecious stones and spherical cut that cross it and take different paths. A continuous flow of these inner conditions is in each of us and, like all oppositions, helps man to confront and move curiosity and interest: from here,for me, creativity is born. Collection composed of 20 pieces, some of which convertible, jewels that are reinvented in buckles or necklaces central, bracelets that become broche.