Gaia Caramazza completed her studies at the Academy of Goldsmith Arts in Rome, she began her profession of jewelry designer and began her first collaborations in projects related to fashion with the study and production of jeweled dresses. The following years represented the moment of affirmation with respect to an ever larger audience. In fact, many appearances of the GAIA jewels occurred during some of the most appreciated Rai and Mediaset television broadcasts. At the same time, the design and promotion activity continued with the participation in exclusive events in the major Italian cities. Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence and Naples are just some of the locations that have seen GAIA jewels carve out visibility and credibility. From 2016 Gaia Caramazza is permanently present at ALTAROMA events. “The great love for art, travel and fashion inspire my creations – Gaia says – I love experimenting and I am always looking for singularity. Creating a jewel from design to production, always gives me different moods and I establish a link with each of my creations with the hope to emotion the observer: this is why I choose to create unique pieces, almost as amulets. Behind my design philosophy there is a romantic and conscious vision of the role of contemporary woman. Past and present come together giving life to an original and timeless interpretation, of which femininity, seduction and beauty are its essence.

Empire Collection is a tribute to the Roman woman and to a timeless era, of riches, design and sense of beauty; the collection is a joint between the style of the past and modern sensitivities, displaying refined taste to stunning effect. The reversible rings, earrings, bracelets and armlets are the result of an accurate research and an original style whose elegance will last forever. The ancient technique of micro-modelling in wax gives the collection its unique design, an unmistakable feature that makes each jewel a precious piece; the character in a story of femininity and seduction.