Gerlando Dispenza started his creative career at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. As years went by, he has pursued different professional experiences in the theatre world. Since the beginning, he has become passionate for costume; such a passion led him to approach the fashion field. Hence, in Milan he started working for some Made in Italy fashion companies, developing a strong sensitivity to the fashion product. Thus, he decided to carve out a personal space where to express his own creativity. Gerlando Dispenza is a very young brand born from the desire of the homonymous designer to do research. Hence the choice of using vintage techniques like the weaving of crystals and stones and manual creation of the brass and plexiglas parts. The product is the synthesis of great care in the realization, of research of materials and the desire to do something beautiful.

A high quality bijou can not be subject to the fashion seasons, but rather on these must be declined. This is the basis on which this project moves. The subjects of the next collection are the leaves of the ginko trees and the silver candies in the living rooms of the high society ladies taken, rethought, reworked by Milanese artisan hands to turn them into timeless accessories. Brass, plexiglas, crystals, stones and silk are the materials that summarize this work.