Giulia’s jewels are born in the heart of Rome, in the Atelier of Piazza San Pantaleo, the real entrance to the most important Roman Baroque jewel: Piazza Navona. Today the Atelier is the headquarters of GB Design and its collaborators: design, sales & marketing, communication and logistics. The Atelier represents the cocoon of inspiration, the embryonic phase of the jewel: this is where Giulia Barela, since 2011, gives shape to her ideas using the ancient sculptural technique of lost wax casting. Sales, awards, exhibitions, creative and artistic growth, cause inspiration to multiply and Giulia’s jewels discover also new international horizons. While featuring all the collections with an exclusive handcrafted imprint, Giulia Barela Jewelry is present in about forty sales outlets of absolute prestige on the entire national territory and also abroad, from France to Spain and from Japan to America.

OUROBOROS Ouroboro is the image of a snake eating it’s own tail. It is a very ancient symbol that represents the totality of everything, infinity and rebirth. The collection revolves around this idea of circularity and concentric perfection, as well as the choice of stones, mother-of-pearl, lapis lazuli, malachite and onyx, placed from time to time in contrast witht the different colors of metal.
Seemingly still but in eternal movement, Outoboro returns the universal energy that is consumed and constantly renewed. Necklaces, bracelets, and rings, are designed for a strong, charismatic woman, who is projected everyday to new horizons, thanks to a special energy that this collection