Irma Cipolletta is an architect and an accessories designer. During the 2009 she worked for the Maison Fendi, in the Store Planning Department, where she followed the projects of the Stores worldwide. Extremely passionate about the experience in the world of Haute Couture, she decided to specialize in bag design. She studied the TR technique (Transformational Reconstruction) for patterns making with Jappanese maestro Shingo Sato and she gets a Master Degree in “Fashion and Accessories” at the “Accademia di Costume e Moda” in Rome. In the 2014 Irma created her brand, a project in which converge method, creativity and craftsmanship.

The brand follows the desire to create a dialogue between two apparently antithetical worlds: the fantastic universe of fashion and the rational world of geometry and architecture. Simple and linear shapes are reinterpreted and transformed into new and contemporary volumes, in which minimalism, authenticity and high quality craftsmanship find their highest expression.

The architecture and the geometry are the starting-point for the collection designed by Irma Cipolletta. Through a playful and empirical approach, each model is the result of a research and a study about the shape. Contrast of colors and volumetric games of full and empty spaces, based on the rotation, the decomposition and the reelaboration of the triangle, create several models: from the Triangle Bag, characterised by the balance of its shape, to the multitasking tote bag Metrocubo, changing its shape as necessary. Two are the capsule collections made in collaboration with Arcadia: in the ‘Diamond Collection’ the starting geometric shape is the cone, that we can find in the iconic top Mini Bucket; in the Botanica Collection, bags are characterised by harmonious volumes coming from the suggestions of nature, its elegance and its essentiality are a tribute to the botanical universe.