Italo Marseglia was born in 1990 in south of Italy. Always fascinated by great couturiers, he started to define his own vision of fashion during scientific high school. Math, logic and culture become bases of his creativity. He moves to Rome to attend IED, and graduates in Fashion Design in 2012.
Italo starts his career in haute couture, where he masters the art of tailoring, manual skills and commitment to perfection. Soon he felt the urge to began his personal path, renewing his prospectives and experiences by collaborating with Italian and foreign brands and many institutions.
Since 2016 he deals with his namesake brand.

Albedos Italo Marseglia’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection. Designer keeps dealing with alchemical subjects studying symbols and meanings. Albedo by the latin whiteness. Following the caos of nigredo stage, alchemist undertakes a purification in Albedo or “ablutio” the washing away of impurities. The collection is a journey through space and time from damned french poetries to the Italian great Roman ateliers and Neapolitans ones. Italo deals with craftsmanship of his origins and he mixes all his inspirations getting a looks which combines male and female, lightness and constructions, modesty and audacity. Personally conceiving the lines and the shapes of his creations, Italo deals with an innovative method that is based on mathematical concepts applied to the structure of the garments: their silhouettes magically lay down on body curves creating movements for a perfect wearability with no size required.