I U R I is a contemporary accessories fashion label focused on leather goods and soft accessories. The brand was founded and is directed by Jure Stropnik.
Jure’s continuing curiosity for design and art world from the past and future give the brand timeless and uncompromising aesthetic. Focus of the label are the products that speak for themselves. The brand character is refined, sophisticated and strong. This is reflected in all IURI products. Each product its a real design object. The brand aim to dress up today’s customer using accessories as an accent of their identities. IURI accent the gender.
SS19 – a GEO collection
GEO as a geometry. The main element of the brand identity. Every single shape is applied and mixed within the bags structure. From the circle to triangle, from the square to trapeze and others. The shapes are mainly sourced out from the architecture. The building, the wall, the stairs, the chair. GEO as a geography. The city. The country. The continent. The collection is in- spired by the symbols of the Olympic games. Both, for its meaning, as for its colors and shapes. Five circles represent the union of the five continents of the world. This is reflected in the main representative bag of the collection. The envelope tote bag with its Olympic circle top handle. Each color represent each continent and in the same time a general color palette for the SS19 season.
RED-America(s) GREEN-Oceania BLACK-Africa YELLOW-Asia BLUE-Europe
IURI use leather as the main material combined with satin frosted and glossy/opaque lacquered metal accessories. The signature triangle points out. Its gives the focus and direction. The collection is dynamic and modular luxury. Luxury for its meaning. To take yourself time and be free to explore the world. I U R I doesn’t have a limited time, neither a space. The brand outdo the geography. Today you are here, tomorrow you are there.
Important is to leave the message.Message with the meaning.Message that matters. And don’t forget your IURI bag.