Laetitia is a brand created in 2013 in Tuscany, a region renowned for its craftsmanship, for the elegance and care of materials and for the art of tannery and leather goods famous the world over. Laetitia is a unique brand which, as its name suggests, wishes to express joy, playfulness and appeal to sparkling spirits who recognize the value of quality. A young brand developed, from design to finished product, in Italy. Each product is made up by numerous fine craftsmanship techniques and scrupulously controlled. With its creations, Laetitia looks to people who love classic elegance and discreet luxury, outstanding quality and attention to detail.The “Laetitia woman” travels a lot for business and leisure. She stands out from the crowd and is distinguished by her search for a personal style which is never taken for granted. Leathers represent the distinctive traits of a brand which prefers the natural softness of the and the uniform grain of the raw materials, free from scratches and imperfections, to guarantee an authentic product of great value.

Laetitia collections are inspired by magical places related to our life. Places we visited or maybe we would like to visit and thanks to their culture, art, food or lifestyle fascinate us and remain forever in our mind.The Spring/ Summer 19 collection is inspired by a place that has always been renowned for its craftsmanship, its culture and its colors: Capri, always synonymous of elegance, refinement and simplicity at the same time. In Capri you leave the city routine and worries, you breathe deeply and you wear a comfortable dress, a T-shirt, a bag, a scarf and you can enjoy the pleasure of life maybe having a drink at sunset, embracing a style a little bohemian that tastes the true taste of simple things.
Colors and brocade fabrics of the previous collection thus leave space for colored prints and natural materials, which intertwine and combine with uniform-grained leather. The colors of the earth, the seasonal fruits like the yellow of the lemons, the white and fresh scent of the jasmine and the intense colors of the Bougainville, all predominate the collection. The usually rigid and geometric shapes are made softer, the hand bags give way to the comfort and freedom of movement of models suitable for any occasion thanks to the application of adjustable and removable
shoulder straps. T2, Petite Sylvia and Betty are the new Crossbody by Laetitia