Lalla’s are the result of Maria Laura Lucchetti’s creativity influenced by New York geometries, the African sunsets, the colors of the Mediterranean sea and those of the Tuscan countryside. Strong contaminations of a life lived in different and opposite environments merge into an eco-friendly brand of modern jewels with an innovative handmade design. The materials go from aluminum to Murano glass, from ebony to horn, from wood to feathers and absolutely no plastic, not even recycled. The Lalla’s are chosen according to the mood. Designed for those who one day feel urban and the one after jungle, for those who do not always wake up with the same mood and dress up accordingly. For those who are aware of materials’ circularity and who appreciate a timeless style beyond the fashion trends. In 2017 Lalla’s is chosen as one of the emerging brands that have exhibited their collections in Soho, New York for four months. In 2018 the Nodo necklace, from the Pianeti line, won the bronze of the “A ‘Design Award & Competition” category of jewelry design which was attended by designers from 180 countries around the world. Today the brand sells online via social media and in showrooms.

Lalla’s Summer collections 2020 will be in the name of Ethno Metal Chic and Urban Elegance. There will be new nuances like milky white or soft pink. New unisex shapes in the Metallica and Terra lines. The single earrings will always be protagonists together with the recycled glass and the lightness of aluminum. The necklaces will be asymmetrical and rope a new entry.


July 2019