Lunante brand was founded by architect Paolo Gambarelli in 2018. Aware of an evolution made of historical recurrences, he considers his handworks as pre-minimalists: the expressive power of the geometric composition resists to a total simplicity and amount of materials employed. Proportions, rules, geometric infringements are, as a product of transposition of the architectural world, the recurring stylistic theme.

Our collections are identified through the different materials, details and handcrafting processes that are used to create them. Each shape represents a model with which the material itself is identified. Proportions, rules and geometrical transgressions are the recurring theme of all our collections. Our handwork are entirely handmade, without any industrial components. Small imperfections or chromatic alterations are often deliberately kept and represent a specific feature of each jewel, testifying to its special handmade creation. The collection INCLUSIONI origins from the idea that including is by far nobler than excluding. Beyond the materials already constituting our jewels this collection introduces novel ones of metallic and mineral origin.