MAISON DRESSAGE is a project by interior designer and photographer Matteo Dazzo and illustrator and fashion designer Rossella Mancini. Inspired by the name of one of the most fascinating and rigorous equestrian disciplines, the designers duo explores the versatility of natural and resistant materials – mixing vegetable tanned leather, precious woods and brass – to create accessories and bags with a strong aesthetic coherence, recognizable by the minimalist elegance of the design and the clean lines. Fetish-inspired details like harnesses, handcuffs, collars and chockers are deconstructed and re-contextualized to create avant-guard accessories that function as an extension of clothing, tracing lines and geometrical shapes on the wearer’s body. MAISON DRESSAGE explores the contrasting relationship between instinct and discipline, nature and severity, force and elegance.

TRAPÉZION series is dedicated to the constant research on subtraction; the process of elimination of the unnecessary to reveal the beauty of the essential. Inspired by the art of trapeze, the collection is designed to respond to the motion of the wearer’s body, while its elements support each other into a delicate balance through swinging and re-adjusting. Geometric shapes are supported by minimalist structures, while form emerges through the empty spaces created by subtracted elements. Vegetable-tanned, Italian black leather creates bold volumes and strict outlines, contrasting the warmth of hand-cut and curved Italian Walnut, and the soft glow of brass elements. Natural rubber with a smooth, matte finish can substitute leather, for a vegan- friendly version of our necklaces, chokers, and harnesses. With juxtaposition at its heart, TRAPÉZION is a game between presence and absence, light and darkness, depth and surface.