Marco Proietti passed his childwood in Tivoli, city of art and heritage of Unesco, famous for its villas. As a child, he remains enchanted in front of the female clothes worn by his family and these signs of profound interest led him to choose his profession. At thirteen years of age, he already had the convinction that his future was in the fashion world. He began his profession experience with Versus, young line of Maison Versace, then, the world of accessories is open to constant achievements, with a series of collaborations with many famous brands that led him to design real musts worn by the most international celebrities of the world of music and cinema. Lover of colours and unusual combinations, obsessed by the quality even of the smallest details, he finds inspiration in music, cinema, and design. His extremely glamorous style gives preference to shapes that exalt allure and sensuality, together with attention to proportion and refined taste.

Striking the perfect balance between luxury modern design and sophisticated allure, Marco Proietti creations are iconic, unique and incredibly glamorous. They are created to become a part of a women’s life, they are precious accent pieces to their elegance, energy and femininity. Each creation possesses a profound and sophisticated personality, a quality that transcends boundaries of the finest craftmanship; all components are conceived to ensure an impeccable comfortable touch. They are not made to complete a look, they are designed to express the essence of an emotion and make every woman a real protagonist. In the heart and mind they create love at first sight and spark an overwhelming desire. They are not sexy, they are sensual: because Marco Proietti dresses the soul of women and his creations are not only a body affair.