The brand “MARIANNA CIMINI” has a strong Italian imprint which emerges both in its style and in its refined simplicity, joining an original Mediterranean freshness. From the first collection, the combination of these distinctive elements has given the brand an international identity as well. It appeals to a woman perfectly comfortable with her femininity whose clothes should be accomplices rather than protagonists. This woman is modern, dynamic and prefers to attract attention through the elegant discretion of fine details. The brand “MARIANNA CIMINI” is also characterized by the quality of its fabrics and original prints whose Mediterranean essence, revisited in urban key, gives joy and lightness to the essential rigor of the shapes. Luxury, expressed through a constant search in the fabrics and volumes, focuses on elegance that can make a woman feel like a protagonist, anytime and anywhere.

The Spring – Summer 2020 Collection by Marianna Cimini is a manifesto of intent. The key words are the two concepts that also distinguish the DNA of the brand: Kindness and Sobriety. Kindness is to be understood in its meaning of attitude of mind and respect for the diversity of female bodies, never sacrificed in too tight wearability, but instead remain free to move in the soft and enveloping lines, in impalpable and natural fabrics in opaline and rarefied colors. Pink is the emblem of this kindness, developed transversally on various models of the collection characterized by embossed silk fabrics and jaquards with geometric but romantic flowers. Sobriety, a concept that more than anything represents the brand, wants to adhere to its meaning of discreet and timeless elegance, never banal, underlined by the rigor of black and white and softened by the softness of fabrics, such as the shiny satin of jumpsuit and dresses , the opaque nylon of the peacoat and trench. Marianna Cimini presents a collection designed for a woman who loves to leave her mark with her strong personality, but who does not forget that sometimes a smile, a courteous gesture are the key to transforming a fabulous outfit into an unforgettable one.