Born in Tolmezzo (September 8th 1992) and grown up in a small countryside reality, Martina is fascinated by the fashion world since her childhood. Her favourite hobby was- and still is nowadays- to fill in blank pages with sketches.
She worked for one of them and they found her work amazingly fresh and innovative, yet wearable by anyone. She is now designing for her own brand, focusing on women’s wear. The brand “martinacella” was born in Milan at the beginning of 2014. Main sponsor of this first project was the support of Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana and its contest “Next Generation”. The first collection was presented at the Milano Fashion week in February of the same year. Twelve outfits were selected to represent the brand in the new upcoming designers area beside the main fashion shows run by the big fashion houses.

Bare foot into the jungle. Step by step deep inside the forest. Side by side with nature and its soul. Green stands out delineating vegetation in all of its shapes, from trees to flowers, from raw fruits to leaves and so on… Nature is the leading lady of the collection. Water stretches reflect colours creating lacquered surfaces of light. Leaves turn in allover patterns on linen and cotton. Light and shadows create a suggestive pattern on denim and on knitted frills. This collection is a tribute to Mother Nature not just ethically buy also from the point of view of design. Mother nature is teaching us. Woman as a brave and noble human being. Tailored shapes mixed with geometric volumes stand out from the collection overview. Oversize and tight garments alternate to dress up the silhouette. Spots of pink and orange flowers stand out from the green becoming flat stipes on the canvas. The Safari mood melts with a romantic touch in garments. Ruffles, frills and embroideries combine with maxi pockets, belts and elastic coulisse. Light absorbs all colours turning them into a bright white background. Matt and clear surfaces alternate with raw and silken. Fresh fabric as popeline, voile and linen mix with thicker textiles like gabardine and denim. Natural fibers in extreme contrast with technical cloths as waterproof and coated surfaces. The colour chart is wide but mostly bright: pink, orange, violet, green, blue, beige and white.