Narguess Hatami, the creative soul of the brand Miahatami, was born in Teheran in 1981, her father is an architect and her mother works as a fashion designer. After earning a scientific degree at one of the most prestigious pre-college institutions in the Iranian capital, she choose to continue her studies in Italy, bringing with herself and in herself the heritage of an ancient culture, a valuable and incredibly refined one. She joined the Faculty of Humanities of the Università degli Studi in Bologna, following the Degree Course in Culture and Techniques of Costume and Fashion and from here she develops her passion for fashion, made of style and elegance, also mixed with her connection with art. Her brand refers to an approach to fashion with a well-defined identity that aims to be a meeting point between the Middle East and European design. The result represents a perfect multicultural mix, with a style conceived in the logic of well-dressing, which reveals in its DNA a marked multiculturality and, at the same time, a sartorial accuracy that makes each piece a sort of project. The attention paid by the stylist to the most innovative works on the material, recalibrates and declines to the present the magical kaleidoscope of colors, patterns, embroideries, images and charms that come to us from ancient Persia, from the legendary Silk Road. A perfect multicultural mix.

The revolution continues – and this time women are in the spotlight.
Narguess Hatami dedicate the new Spring/Summer 2019 collection to the women of Iran. Persian women, extremelyfeminine, mysterious, elegant, irresistible, sophisticated and yet very simple, just like the heroine of “One Thousand and
One Nights”, the daughter of the Persian king Shahriyar who, betrayed by one of his wives, systematically kills his brides at
the end of the first wedding night. The new collection is meant to celebrate change and the shift from prohibitions to
freedom, representing women as icons, mothers, workers and lovers. The dresses are characterised by clean and ample
lines, which, almost chaste at first sight, hide, in fact, pure sensuality in folds and splits. Foulards, which today are often
used to hide women’s beauty, are transformed into colourful, see-through veils that cover nude skin to create dresses and
skirts that softly and harmoniously follow every movement of the body, step after step. The knots on the skirts and the
dresses draw inspiration from the way dancers used to tie skirts on their womb, creating ‘waves’ that wrapped around the
female body. The overlaying of different garments and fabrics, taking hint from folk clothes, has been reinvented to create
a sophisticated and very feminine style. The collection is indeed extremely refined, in both forms and details. The final
result epitomises Miahatami women: more sensual than ever, fascinating and self-confident, elegant and sophisticated,
mature and ready to tackle the world.