Alessandra Cappiello is a fashion designer from Rome. She worked in collaboration with the Malloni brand as a Fashion Consulting Designer until 2004, when she created her own brand named Morfosis; In 2008, becoming a finalist in the IV edition of Who Is On Next? opened up the doors to participate in the Fashion Week of some of the major International capitals: Paris, Tokyo and Milan. Inspired by her classical studies and by art, above all influenced by her painter grandmother, Anna Grauso, Alessandra perceives the garment as a perfect synthesis of wearability and inspiration. The designer also has in her resume celebrity collaborations with Madonna, Katia and Marielle Labeque and violinist Victoria Mullova. The name Morfosis is connected to the root meaning of the word: form as a synthesis and evolution of intuitions. The metamorphosis is perceived as an individual way of interpreting a visual stimulation, a way of wearing and conceptualizing a garment. The collection, entirely made in Italy respecting the sartorial tradition, is inevitably a personal expression. Rorschach’s ink blot test, the expression of a natural multiform panorama and the elegant work of icons as Elsa Schiaparelli e Madeleine Vionnet, are a perpetual inspiration that fusing together gives life to a stylistic synthesis between a contemporary twist and femminine appeal.

The severe lines softened by sinuous accents, that are the key elements of the brand now recoded in a contemporary and sophisticated language, are the grounds on which the new SS20 collection by Morfosis is based on. Precious fabrics and gentle shapes are intertwined to create maxi and mini dresses, seductive profiles define bluse and top whereas trench coat are enriched by python printed leather. A dialogue among different fabrics: full color silk crosses with floral patterns, chiffon is lit by lurex while long pants and wrap dresses are made by the mix between denim and precious linen. The color palette is dressed in earth tones mitigated by softer shades of gray, white and pink to encapsulate modern concept of romanticism and femininity. From imperfections to contrasts, the brand Morfosis pursues and reaches its relative, sophisticated, incisive and vigorous essence by telling new paths that unfold in the forms of a feminine way of dressing that suits a contemporary woman seeking in the ordinary her sense of being extraordinary