NI•DO, dwells where intimacy and affection live. A bag is a safe spot for what is essential and personal as it tells a lot of the story of its owner, no matter how big or small. Nicola and Domiziana, 28 years old, him a Product Designer, her a Fashion Designer, partners in life and business and bound by a mutual outlook. In 2017, they decide that was the right time to give life to their dream, this is how NI•DO is born. An accessory brand, a perfect combination of creativity, fashion, art and design, their greatest passions. Each creation represents themselves, an explosion of colors, shapes and materials which express exactly the personalities of the designers who created them. Thanks to the expert hands of the italian artisans Nicola and Domiziana are able to bring to life their ideas and create high quality designs.

Women come in all different shades with a range of different tastes. Some are even opposites at times like day and night, or the sun and the moon. The shades of the sun are warm and bright like the tones of the earth. The colors ranging from burnt browns, to fragments of amber, to luminous whites, or warm pastel gems. In contrast there is the color scheme of the moon. It is pale, seductive, elegant, sparkling, and expressed by desaturated color. The twilight reflects celestial and turquoise tones, intertwined with splotches of pink shooting stars. Similar to the phenomenon of the northern lights, the colors of the collection dance spontaneously and create different mixes of cool and warm shades. The ever-changing explosions of color that manifest to develop the Northern lights, are similar to the everyday life of a woman in the sense that the colors of her mood are constantly changing. Every woman has a little diva in them and she must decide when to wear one color rather than another, whether or not dress to impress or to dress subtly, to go unnoticed or make a statement. We’ve selected our materials inspired by the natural lights. The rings, either plastic, transparent and sturdy or amber and energetic. They are designed to capture lights and reflections , enhancing the complementary mix of leather finishes – a striking mix for every Divaluminosa