PROGRAMMA is an artisanal brand producing entirely designed and produced in Italy garments. Its design is characterized by traditional craftsmanship, tailoring details and modern creative process. The philosophy of the brand is very sensitive towards the ethical aspect within the fashion industry, using sustainability in every aspect of its work from fabric sourcing to textile innovation and fair paid job within the clothing factory. PROGRAMMA is a continuous flow of ideas that is channeled from the decision-making process; like a code, a language, it is written by its intrinsic nature.

In each collection PROGRAMMA pursuit sustainability design clothing that want to last thanks to good quality material and production made in Italy. This collection is characterized by the exclusive use of the cotton experimenting the material in many of his form such as knitting or waxed cotton that can replace leather in its iconic garments. The collection is a balance between the pure aesthetic of classic lines and the image of the subculture lifestyle.